Services Overview



Kyla turns houses into homes and her West Coast inspired eclectic approach to design, is ever evolving and always inspired. She will transform your house into a functional beautiful space with furniture, fabrics, accessories. She can also source out custom pieces tailor-made for your living space.



A central challenge in designing your own space is visualizing the final product. Kyla's mood concept board will allow you to see all components in the room come together. This is included in all consultations. 

After the design consultation and reviewing the mood board, many clients are confident and ready to begin the design process. There is a $150 minimum charge for a consultation, but will happily credit that charge toward the design fee once you are ready to move forward with the project. 



Includes a detailed furniture layout plan, drawn to scale, which references directly to the mood concept board. No more worrying if that sofa will fit in the room!



Thorough and organized, your personalized shopping lists will guide you through your mood concept board, with clickable links to recommended items.

FOR LARGER, FULL-SCALE PROJECTS: Kyla is available to assist in all aspects of a project from start to finish including consulting with Architects and Builders, as well as providing a tailor-made approach to finishes such as flooring, paint and décor. 

KITCHEN AND BATH DESIGN: Good design is crucial when it comes to Kitchen and bath as much more thought has to be given to design and functionality. Kyla aims to make your environment personal and comfortable for you. The design process is intentional and customized to your specific needs and desired aesthetic. 

The result is no-fuss beauty on any budget!